Intro to Gazelles

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(If you are currently unable to run 1-2 miles comfortably)

We want to help you Run With Joy! This introductory program will help you build strength and endurance and get you ready to join our Monthly Gazelles group. The group will focus on the basics of running—good running form, strength and endurance no matter your running abilities.

Austin Fit Magazine’s six-time “Best Running Coach” in Austin, Gilbert Tuhabonye, will help you become the runner you want to be.

Duration: November 5-26, 2019
Includes: Two weekday workouts. Three optional Core/Strength classes available each week.

T/TH  5:30am
Downtown at Gazelles HQ (Inside The Loop)

one-time payment: $75

Terms of Membership: NO REFUNDS after the start date. Read our Fees and Cancellation Policy.